London to Paris Demelza Charity Bike Ride

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BYES Cyclists
BYES Cyclists
BYES Cyclists

At the end of September, a brave group of cyclists from across Bouygues Energies & Services UK, took it upon themselves to cycle between two of our offices in the name of raising money for our charity partner, Demelza. An easy task one may think, except that one of our offices is in London; the other in Paris! A mighty 290 kilometres separated the cyclists from their finish line, but 3 days and a whopping £10,000 raised later, our super cyclists arrived at their final destination; Bouygues Energies & Services Challenger HQ, just outside Paris. 

A month later, we’ve manged to catch up with the team from the Contracting division of Bouygues Energies & Services, to see how they found the ride and what challenges they’ve got lined up next…

How would you rate yourself as a cyclist?

Tony Shaw: Fair and enthusiastic

Richard Greaves: Committed

Chris Maginn: Fair weather, sightly tubby, try-hard

James Turner: Average

What was your favourite part of the ride?

TS: The Avenue Vert was fantastic, plus the ride up to Challenger front door down the main drive

RG: The second day; it was fast, great scenery – couldn’t of been a better day on the bike!

CM: Cycling in formation along the Avenue Vert with the whole team together. Sun shining and no motorists around – the route planned along this section was brilliant

JT: Going down the hills

What was your least favourite part of the ride?

TS: Climbing up the hill at Brighton – Ditchling Beacon

RG: The numerous punctures on the third day

CM: Being overtaken by the older, bigger riders!

JT: Going up the hills

Did you do anything interesting in your bid to raise money for Demelza?

TS: Baking cakes was as good as it got for me

RG: Like Tony, it was nice to bake for the staff in Manchester

What’s your bike make of choice?

TS: Ribble CGR, although I wish I had taken a lighter weight on the trip!

RG: My Planet X Pro carbon!

CM: Planet X

JT: A lighter one than I had

What item could you not have done the bike ride without?

TS: A positive mental attitude, plus a comfortable seat

RG: The guys I rode with

CM: Padded shorts

JT: Bicycle

If you were a bike part, what part would you be?

TS: The bottom bracket, as it’s reliable just like me!

RG: The chain, as it’s the driving force of the bike!

What did you crave most at the end of the ride?

TS: A traditional English curry

RG: A beer and very large meal!

CM: Beer!

JT: A pint!

What’s the next challenge you’ve got lined up?

TS: We are investigating various ones at present… Coast to Coast and London Circular are favourites

RG: We have been looking at a few – Joe Webb is planning a ride next year, which is riding from the BY offices (London-Bristol-Birmingham-Manchester). I personally am thiking of riding the South Downs Way.

JT: A one day event in Wales or Lake District next year


The Contracting Cycle Team: Marcin Bizinski, Richard Greaves, James Turner, Tony Shaw, Paul Caton, Jordan Taylor and Paul Johnson

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