2017 Supply Chain Forum

Supply Chain Forum: knowledge sharing with our suppliers

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‘One team, one goal – creating value together’, the key message for Bouygues Energies & Services’ 2017 Supply Chain Forum. Suppliers from across Europe gathered at the VOX in Birmingham, for a series of talks, discussions, workshops and awards.

For the first time, all divisions of Bouygues Energies & Services – Facilities Management, Industry, and Infrastructure – hosted the forum together. This was the opportunity to outline our procurement strategy, our business activities and celebrate the work of our suppliers.

“It’s a good opportunity for our partners to grow with us on an international scale,” said Eric Bouret, Chief Procurement Officer, Bouygues Construction Purchasing.

Our Suppliers

We place transparency at the heart of our relationships with suppliers. We strive to maintain a  positive and strong relationship with all suppliers,  encouraging a lengthy partnership.

To celebrate our suppliers, we congratulated those that have delivered exceptional performance. Elements our supply chain were evaluated on were quality, health & safety, environment, as well as contract compliance, finance, innovations and account management. We are extremely proud of all of the winners.

A deserved congratulations to CU Phosco, ASD Lighting, Leader Systems, Integrated Pest Management, A W Cleaning Contractors, Mansfield Pollard & Co, Mardix and Electrical Testing.

‘We’re thrilled to win this award, it’s paramount to everything we do,” said Greg Jarvis, IPC Manager, Electrical Testing.

The forum was highly successful and thought-provoking for all. “It’s been a fantastic event… it’s great meeting people not only from your industry but others as well,” said Tony Weaver, Director, Services & Support Division, Leader Systems.

The Supply Chain Sustainability School

Sustainability in the Supply Chain and Cyber Security were also discussed, Bouygues Energies & Services is now a Partner of the Supply Chain Sustainability School. With over two thousand resources, the school is an online tool that helps suppliers gain an understanding of how to improve sustainability within their businesses.

Free access to the virtual learning environment allows suppliers and subcontractors to develop and share their knowledge of sustainability, ensuring the industry is better prepared to tackle challenges that arise. Topics available include climate change, procurement, biodiversity, and waste, among many others.

The school is supported by many of the industry leaders with the aim that it can drive change and contribute towards making measurable impacts.

Our Vision

David Carr, Chief Executive of Bouygues Energies & Services, introduced our 2020 vital objectives to the audience: safety, clients, talent, activity and profitability.The vital stepping stones to the company we plan to be by 2020. This year, our focus was on Health & Safety. “The Health & Safety section was very informative and entertaining,” said Pam Sangha, Business Development Manager, Steelway.

The day provided our suppliers with an extensive insight into Bouygues Energies & Services and the work that we do. Xavier Plumley, Finance Director and Company Secretary; Serge Bordonnat Managing Director – Industry; and Tim Grier, Director of Transport and Local Government took the opportunity to speak about the company. They highlighted to the audience the expertise that we provide, and our specialist engineering and facility solutions.

“The forum is a great opportunity for us to explain what’s going on in our business…but also to understand the new products and services that our supply chain partners are working on,” said Tim Grier.


To find out more from our Supply Chain Forum, watch some of the highlights:

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